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The City of Pleasant Hill, IA implements the In|Sync Adaptive Solution

Rhythm Engineering’s In|Sync, the only true real-time adaptive traffic solution, was selected by the The City of Pleasant Hill, IA for implementation on 13 signalized intersections.

The city was looking to improve the operations on the Iowa Highway 163 by accommodating peak periods and real-time changes in traffic volumes, as well as reduce delays on side streets and time travel. However, the existing traffic signal system on the corridor was not capable of accommodating incremental, short-term, or continuous change in traffic demand automatically without any manual adjustment in signal timings. The City of Pleasant Hill was looking for a solution in which the signal timing parameters are modified by the system in response to changes in the traffic conditions, in real time.

In|Sync is designed specifically to handle the everyday occurrences of traffic congestion that the city faces, as well as the variability and randomness of traffic generated by incidents along the highway and local and regional traffic movement. With the second by second evaluation of all approaches along Iowa Highway 163, In|Sync can adapt to changing traffic conditions instantly to provide an improvement to progression, reduction in stops, reduction in delays, and the overall safety to the traveling public.

The City of Pleasant Hill will also benefit from In|Sync’s unique locally distributed operation for second-by-second operations that handle Emergency Vehicle Preemption events without transition. By adopting Adaptive Signal Control Technology (ASCT), the city will additionally be able to respond to a sudden influx of traffic related to entrance and exit to major events, such as the state fair or school exit.

The City of Pleasant Hill is looking forward to improving the mobility of Iowa Highway 163 by enhancing the efficiency of the traffic and pedestrian operations and the handling of ever-changing queues and peak traffic conditions using In|Sync.

“Our customers experience on average 60% reduction in stops and 23% reduction in crashes. We look forward to help more communities benefit from In|Sync.”– Reggie Chandra, Rhythm Engineering | CEO and Founder