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About Us

Bringing Loved Ones to Their Destinations SAFER + FASTER

Our Mission

Rhythm Engineering was founded in 2005 by a traffic engineer who worked in the public sector. Dr. Reggie Chandra was frustrated with the lack of tools and technology available to manage traffic flow. Armed with a few credit cards and a dream to synchronize every traffic signal in the U.S., he led a 3-year focused research to launch In|Sync.

Since its launch, In|Sync has been installed in 31 states and by 140 public agencies.  It is the most-deployed automated traffic signal optimization system in North America.

Our values

  • Excellence in All We Do
  • Make a Difference to The Motorist
  • Clarity, Communication, And Accountability
  • Entrepreneurial Attitude
  • Amazing Place to Work
  • Only A-Players