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Complete Signal Timing And Operations Solution

Collect data, create timing plans, and control your intersections

Why Are 90% of Traffic Signals Not Optimized?

The lack of technology and tools has taken away traffic engineers’ power to synchronize traffic signals. We help make it better.


Timing plans are created based on snapshot data collected during a single day. Manual data collection is usually inaccurate and resource-intensive.

code|GREEN uses the same Artificial Intelligence hardware and models used by autonomous vehicles. Traffic count data is continuously collected 24/7/365 with unparalleled accuracy.


Workflow is broken with manual data collection, timing plan generation, and input into ATMS software. Often, practitioners give up on this process.

code|GREEN allows you to collect data, create timing plans, deploy and control your intersection using ONE SOFTWARE. Welcome to the world of 2-Minute Timing Plans.


The signal timing process requires months of work and many resources. Most signal re-timing projects are ill-funded as well.

code|GREEN is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, seamlessly integrated solution. It is fully compatible with all your existing traffic signal technology like cabinets, controllers, and ATMS.

What Is code|GREEN?

Collect, Create, Control: A Single Solution that Does It All

code|GREEN Demo

code|GREEN is the first-ever complete signal timing and operations solution. It seamlessly integrates accurate data collection, timing plan generation, and deployment using a single software system.

How Does It Work?

One Software for a Simplified Workflow

code|GREEN integrates all workflows into one seamlessly integrated software. This is the only software that a traffic engineer needs to collect data, create timing plans, and download/deploy timing plans to the signal controllers.

Imagine What You Can Do

Generate Timing Plans in Less Than 2 Minutes

You’ll never have to collect traffic counts again

code|GREEN collects accurate turning movement data for timing plan creation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The data collector tracks and counts vehicles with the same technology used in mission-critical, autonomous driving.

Create timing plans for each day of the week

Armed with real-time data, you can create timing plans for each day of the week. The architecture is fully digital and there isn’t any transition between timing plans. You are free to run multiple timing plans throughout the day.

Don’t have to fight with multiple software applications

code|GREEN is the only software you need for your signal operations. From data collection to timing plan deployment in the field, all workflow is integrated. We have cracked the code for effortless timing plan creation and deployment.

Why Is Timing Plan Creation So Difficult?

“Our biggest challenge when starting signal retiming is collecting reliable data counts.”

Jason Chai, E.I.

Traffic Engineer

City of Maryville, TN

“Gathering traffic count data is the toughest part of signal timing. Developing good timing plans requires engineering expertise and a lot of training.”

Bill Henry P.E.

Traffic Engineering Manager

Little Rock, AR

Transform Your City Into a Smart City