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Technology That Powers Smart Cities

Rhythm Engineering offers proven, plug-in solutions to make the transportation infrastructure in your city smarter.

In|Sync is the only true, real-time adaptive solution available on the market. It is deployed at more than 3,000 intersections nationwide.

code|GREEN is a 4-in-1 solution. It integrates vehicle detection, data collection, timing plan generation, and deployment.

Introducing CYCLOPS – a revolutionary new vehicle recognition system powered by AI algorithms: Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

For Traffic Engineers,
By Traffic Engineers

Thousands of traffic engineers have benefited from Rhythm’s solutions. Play the video to see for yourself.

Deployed to
3,000+ Intersections

In|Sync has more deployments than all other adaptive systems combined.

“The installation of these new adaptive traffic signals means less time spent on the road and more time for commuters to spend with their families. Residents are catching more green lights than ever before and the community is thrilled about it.”

Lorie Zapf

City Council Member

San Diego, CA

“Ultimately we feel that it’s the best adaptive traffic control solution currently on the market.”

Justin Schlaefli, PE, TE, PTOE

President, Urban Systems Associates

San Diego, CA

“It’s real-time! When you have an influx of traffic, it takes care of that traffic immediately!”

Jim Dickinson, PE

Principal Traffic Engineer

West des Moines, IA


Proven Record,
Proven Results

Our flagship product In|Sync has proven results based on numerous independent studies. Our solutions make communities safer, healthier, and faster.

Our Clients

“Tomorrow’s technology is here today. In|Sync has proved to be something worth your time and investment.”

Larry Haas, PE

Traffic Operations Engineer (fmr)

Colorado DOT

“The results of their equipment are instant. The minute you turn it on, the results are there.”

Matt Schlachter, PE

Division Director, Construction and Maintenance Services

Columbia County, GA

“Unlike older technologies, In|Sync can adjust to immediate changes in traffic…It’s impressive to see how quickly the system adapts.”

Bill Henry, PE

Division Director, Construction and Maintenance Services

Little Rock, AR

Transform Your City Into a Smart City