Will Americans Travel Less This Holiday Season?

We really likе the quote that a fellow traffic engineer once shared, and we think it best shows the concerns we all have around this time of the year: “The only Christmas lights I have are red, yellow, and green.” 

Will 2020 holiday season traffic patterns be different in light of new health and safety concerns?

If recent polls are to be trusted, traffic engineers should expect less traffic this year. According to Morning Consult, we will witness massively stunted travel this holiday season, with 68 percent of Americans stating that they will be traveling less than usual.

However, most Americans who decide to travel will prefer traveling by car compared to plane, bus, or train travel. This means that once again traffic engineers should be on the lookout for traffic fluctuations. 

With the holiday season in full swing, we tried to capture the most important trends in travel. Check out the infographic we put together as a digest of all relevant data. 

Will Americans Travel Less This Holiday Season?

Wishing you a season of joy and happiness! We look forward to supporting you in the best possible way to ensure motorists’ safety in 2021.

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