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The Complete Collection of Rhythm Engineering’s Video Resources

Find everything like videos on our adaptive traffic control solutions, case studies of deployments, webinars, Rhythm Engineering newscast features and more traffic planning videos. We’ve covered everything when it comes to our road traffic control products, and we bring every resource to you to assist your traffic planning.



How In|Sync Works

Background about how our In|Sync adaptive traffic control system improves traffic flow


In|Sync — Better Traffic Flow, Better Communities

An overview of In|Sync’s benefits and how it can improve traffic in your community


The In|Sync Model

In-depth description of how the In|Sync adaptive traffic control software algorithm works

Introducing In|Sync:Fire

A high-level overview of how In|Sync:Fire optical cameras with heated lenses can eliminate missed vehicles in extreme weather


In|Sync:Fire Overview

In-depth information about the In|Sync:Fire optical cameras and how the heated lenses can eliminate missed vehicles in extreme weather


Introducing In|Sync:Thermal

A high-level overview of how the In|Sync:Thermal detection camera can spot vehicles in any level of visibility


In|Sync:Thermal Overview

In-depth information about how the In|Sync:Thermal detection camera can spot vehicles in poor visibility conditions



Introducing In|Time

A high-level overview of In|Time, a travel-time measurement system with nearly 100% detection and at least 95% accuracy


In|Time Overview

In-depth information about how our travel-time measurement system has unprecedented accuracy compared to other measurement systems

Case Studies


Columbia County, Georgia

Columbia County eliminated nearly 2 million stops a year with the deployment of the In|Sync system

San Diego, California

The City of San Diego and Qualcomm partnered to fund the implementation of In|Sync along the Lusk Blvd corridor

Topeka, Kansas

Topeka used In|Sync to improve their traffic flow and saved their citizens $15 million over five years

Virginia DOT

Virginia DOT implemented In|Sync on 111 signals, 13 corridors and 11 jurisdictions over a three-year period

West Des Moines, Iowa

The City of West Des Moines installed In|Sync near the Jordan Creek Parkway Mall to improve traffic flow during special events, such as Black Friday

Partner Reviews


Deploying In|Sync Across Jurisdictions and Systems

Virginia traffic engineers discuss the ease of deploying In|Sync in corridors that span different jurisdictions and controllers


In|Sync and Growth

Traffic engineers discuss the benefits of using In|Sync in a growing and changing community

In|Sync — Before and After

Traffic professionals discuss traffic issues and how they were solved by the implementation of In|Sync

In|Sync Effects on Side Street Delay

Virginia traffic engineers discuss how side street delay has changed with In|Sync

In|Sync Effecs on Traffic Efficiency

Virginia traffic engineers discuss how the efficiency of traffic flow has changed after implementing In|Sync

Public Reaction to In|Sync

Traffic professionals share how the public has responded to implementations of In|Sync in their communities


Rhythm Support Services

Traffic professionals discuss the support they received from Rhythm Engineering from initial contact to deployment through ongoing use

Traffic Engineers’ Experience

Traffic engineers share their experiences with In|Sync implementations and the results it brought to their communities

Driving Experience


Beaumont, Texas Driving Experience

The real-time traffic flow benefits of In|Sync in a corridor drive in Beaumont, Texas. Both Eastbound and Westbound


Lee’s Summit, Missouri Driving Experience

The traffic flow benefits of In|Sync in a zero-stop corridor drive in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Springdale, Arkansas Driving Experience

The traffic flow benefits of In|Sync in a corridor drive in Springdale, Arkansas


Evans, Georgia Driving Experience

The real-time traffic flow benefits of In|Sync in a corridor drive in Evans, Georgia



Urban Systems of San Diego explores the different generations of Adaptive Traffic Control, then takes a look at what the future of adaptive looks like


Increasing Motorist Safety Through Next-Generation Adaptive Solutions

In this webinar we discuss how using Adaptive Traffic Control systems can improve safety in your communities


An Introduction to In|Traffic

We will discuss how In|Traffic can control and monitor In|Sync as well as how to configure traffic control options

What’s New in In|Sync 1.6?

This webinar dives into all of the improvements made to In|Sync 1.6


In|Sync Adaptive Traffic Control

A webinar about In|Sync, how it works and how it can affect your community

The Surprising Truth About Grant Funding

A webinar from Neil Blais of Blais & Associates, in partnership with Rhythm Engineering, about how to get grant funding for traffic projects

Communications Options for ITS Projects

A webinar about how you can interconnect intersections and make them communicate



Experiences of In|Sync Operators

A 2012 Group|Sync event on the results experienced by traffic engineers from In|Sync deployments

Experts Report on Benefits of In|Sync

A 2012 Group|Sync event on the safety benefits experienced after implementing In|Sync

Rhythm Engineering In The News


San Diego, CA

CBS News 8 reports on San Diego’s installation of In|Sync and test it for themselves

San Diego, CA

FOX 5 reports on the In|Sync installation in San Diego

San Diego, CA

The San Diego Union-Tribune discusses some of the perks to installing In|Sync

Chattanooga, TN

News Channel 9 reports on Chattanooga’s In|Sync installation

Charlottesville, NC

CBS 19 reports on the In|Sync corridor in Charlottesville

Kansas City, MO

Fox 4 reports on Lee Summit’s In|Sync implementation on Highway 291

Kansas City, MO

NBC Action News reports on the results of Lee Summit’s Highway 291 In|Sync implementation

Kansas City, MO

KCTV5 reports on the results from Lee Summit’s In|Sync implementation on Highway 291

Milwaukee, WI

Fox 6 reports on the implementation of In|Sync on a busy intersection in Wawautosa

Richmond, VA

NBC 12 reports on the In|Sync installation in Richmond

Topeka, KS

27 News reports on Topeka’s In|Sync installation and the reduction of driving frustration



The Reason Behind Rhythm Engineering

Why Rhythm Engineering exists and the drive behind our solutions

What We Believe In

What Rhythm Engineering is like and what we believe in

Who We Are

What it’s like working at Rhythm Engineering

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