The Complete Collection of Rhythm Engineering’s Video Resources

Here you can find a small collection of videos on our adaptive traffic control solutions, case studies of deployments, reactions from customers and more traffic planning videos. We’ve covered everything when it comes to our road traffic control products, and we bring every resource to you to assist your traffic planning.

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How In|Sync Works

Background about how our In|Sync adaptive traffic control system improves traffic flow

Virginia DOT

Virginia DOT implemented In|Sync on 111 signals, 13 corridors and 11 jurisdictions over a three-year period

Public Reaction to In|Sync

Traffic professionals share how the public has responded to implementations of In|Sync in their communities

What We Believe In

What Rhythm Engineering is like and what we believe in

The In|Sync Model

In-depth description of how the In|Sync adaptive traffic control software algorithm works

San Diego, California

The City of San Diego and Qualcomm partnered to fund the implementation of In|Sync along the Lusk Blvd corridor

In|Sync Effects on Side Street Delay

Virginia traffic engineers discuss how side street delay has changed with In|Sync

Who We Are

What it’s like working at Rhythm Engineering

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