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Rhythm Engineering comments on ranking in Inc. 500

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LENEXA, KAN—August 21, 2012—For the second consecutive year, traffic technology firm Rhythm Engineering earned a spot on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. from Inc. magazine. The company makes smart traffic signal technology called InSync that reduces car crashes, saves drivers time and money, and dramatically reduces carbon emissions. Rhythm Engineering delivered an impressive 832% growth rate from 2008-11, which ranked 456 on the 2012 Inc. 500.

“We’re doing more than cutting down on traffic congestion,” said Dr. Reggie Chandra, CEO of Rhythm Engineering. “By giving traffic signals the artificial intelligence to adapt to traffic demand, we’re empowering communities to eliminate nearly one in three traffic accidents.  We’re protecting people’s loved ones with every intersection where InSync is installed.”

Public transportation agencies have selected the company’s InSync solution for more than 750 intersections in 21 states. As a result, more than two million motorists are benefiting from InSync’s patented technology every day.

“Traffic congestion remains a crisis in communities across America,” stated David Frankland, Rhythm Engineering’s president and COO. “It’s robbing families of money at the gas pump, time stuck on the road that could be better spent, and their overall health and wellness.  We’re thrilled to continue our impressive growth rate because it means we’re partnering with more cities and states to mitigate the traffic crisis and better their communities.”

Earlier this summer, Rhythm Engineering was ranked as the fastest growing company in Kansas City by the Kansas City Business Journal.

About Rhythm Engineering:

Rhythm Engineering designs, develops, sells and supports innovative traffic solutions that empower communities to save lives, save motorists’ time and money, and save the environment. Communities using its InSync adaptive traffic control solution save up to 27 tankers worth of fuel, 33 years of time waiting in traffic, nearly one in three car crashes, and millions of pounds of harmful emissions for a total economic benefit of up to $8 million each year.  More U.S. traffic agencies choose InSync than any other adaptive system; currently it is the solution for more than 750 intersections in 21 states. To learn more, visit:

Rhythm EngineeringRhythm Engineering comments on ranking in Inc. 500