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Columbia County, GA

Situation: Heavy traffic flow, event-related fluctuations, heavy side street volume and several large businesses located mid-block across the corridor.

Solution: Up to a 78% reduction in delay in the north sector of the corridor and up to a 90% reduction in stops in the south sector after In|Sync implementation.

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Columbia, MO

Situation: Large outflow of traffic after Mizzou football games creates delay and frequent stops along the corridor with the use of signal timing plans.

Solution: Implementing In|Sync’s adaptive control resulted in up to 90% reduction in stops and 77% reduction in delays along the corridor.

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Lee’s Summit, MO

Situation: Fluctuations in traffic volume due to school dismissals, new construction and seasonal demands from shopping centers created delays.

Solution: In|Sync deployment resulted in improved traffic flow with up 95% reduction in stops across the corridor.

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Farmington, NM

Situation: Corridor handling over 50,000 vehicles per day and providing primary access to the region’s major retail area was operating with significant delays.

Solution: In|Sync’s adaptive system implemented at 11 intersections across the corridor, resulting in up to 73% reduction in travel delays.

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Salinas, CA

Situation: The corridor’s original fixed timing plan didn’t account for fluctuating traffic flow due to a sports stadium and many schools located along the corridor.

Solution: In|Sync deployment at 5 intersections across the corridor resulted in up to 91% reduction in stops and 89% reduction in delays.

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San Diego, CA

Situation: Nearby highway, sports stadium and schools creates high pedestrian volume and fluctuations in traffic volume and demand.

Solution: In|Sync deployment at 5 intersections along the corridor provides optimal traffic control based on actual demand, eliminating unnecessary stops and delays resulting in up to 24% decrease in travel time.

San Ramon, CA

Situation: High pedestrian volume and inconsistent fluctuations in traffic flow posed a challenge for static signal timing plans.

Solution: After In|Sync deployment, adaptive plans immediately optimized traffic flow and improved delays by up to 85%.

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Springdale, AR

Situation: Two large companies on the corridor along with mid-block entrances and exits created a large outflow of traffic.

Solution: After deploying In|Sync, traffic flow improved with up to a 95% reduction in stops and up to an 85% reduction in delays across the corridor.

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Topeka, KS

Situation: Need to coordinate signals across the corridor with a high pedestrian volume as well as inconsistent fluctuations in traffic volume.

Solution: In|Sync deployment at 7 intersections along the corridor immediately optimized traffic flow with up to a 96% increase in average speed.

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Upper Merrion, PA

Situation: Heavy commuter traffic created unexpected fluctuations in traffic volume across the corridor.

Solution: Implementation of In|Sync’s adaptive signal timing responds to real-time traffic demand with up to a 79% increase in average speed.

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West Des Moines, IA

Situation: Excessive waiting at red lights near the local mall, Jordan Creek Town Center Mall, when the mall is closed and no cross traffic is present.

Solution: Adaptive system In|Sync deployed at 9 intersections along Jordan Creek Parkway controls green corridor with up to 56% reduction in stops.

Virginia DOT

Situation: Traffic flow issues in 13 corridors and 111 intersections in different parts of the state, each with a unique structure, volume, speed limit and control need.

Solution: Significant improvements in traffic flow, including up to 67% stop reductions, after deploying In|Sync across the state.

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Wichita, KS

Situation: Unpredictable fluctuations in traffic volume, highway-related traffic and high pedestrian volume couldn’t be controlled by a static timing plan.

Solution: In|Sync’s adaptive control at 5 intersections improved traffic flow across the corridor with up to 100% reduction in stops in some places.

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Greeley, CO

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