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Communities using our adaptive traffic control devices see impressive results. Here’s what the state of Virginia found after a three-year study on the 13 corridors and 111 intersections Rhythm Engineering’s In|Sync was deployed on.


Annual Savings


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Reduced Stops


Reduced Accidents


Reduced Travel-Time


Reduced Emissions

In|Sync Overall Results

In the end, only one thing matters with a proposed solution to an existing problem: Does it work? In city after city, In|Sync has proven to be an affordable, easy-to-install, highly effective system for dealing with a wide variety of traffic management problems. Numerous studies have shown that our traffic control device In|Sync reduces accidents, decreases fuel use, improves travel time and saves drivers money. It offers the most value of any adaptive solution and is versatile enough to handle virtually any situation. Below you can find some of the most noteworthy results from communities who have deployed In|Sync.

Community Reduced Stops Reduced Delay Reduced Travel Time Reduced Emissions Annual Savings to Motorists Increased Average Speed
Columbia, Missouri 90% 77% 29% 25% $1.9 Million 41%
Columbia County Georgia 100% 82% 48% 39% $2.9 Million 93%
Farmington, New Mexico 100% 97% 35% 29% $1.1 Million 51%
Grapevine, Texas 88% 81% 45% 40% $8.1 Million 84%
Greeley, Colorado 52% 37% 11% NA $1.3 Million 13%
Lee's Summit, Missouri 95% 87% 39% 50% NA 62%
Pinellas County, Florida 74% 77% 31% 22% NA 45%
Richmond, Virginia 100% 94% 55% 52% NA 120%
Salinas, California 91% 89% 46% NA $1.7 Million 84%
San Ramon, California 82% 99% 50% 38% $1.3 Million 94%
Springdale, Arkansas 95% 86% 42% 35% $5.1 Million 73%
State of Virginia 68% NA 37% NA $33.4 Million 59%
Topeka, Kansas 100% 78% 49% 47% $2.1 Million 96%
Upper Merion, Pennsylvania 100% 89% 26% 30% $795 Thousand 35%
Wichita, Kansas 100% 89% 44% 42% $975 Thousand 78%

The number of stops is way down, the congestion is way down, and it’s a lot safer.

Linda Voss, PE | Traffic Engineer
City of Topeka, Kansas

Case Studies

Every community is different, with its own traffic patterns, hot spots and frustrations. The below case studies present a number of different scenarios where Rhythm Engineering products were successfully deployed to alleviate specific traffic issues.

Virginia DOT

Situation: Traffic flow issues in 13 corridors and 111 intersections in different parts of the state, each with a unique structure, volume, speed limit and control need.

Solution: Significant improvements in traffic flow, including up to 67% stop reductions, after deploying In|Sync across the state.

West Des Moines, IA

Situation: Excessive waiting at red lights near the local mall, Jordan Creek Town Center Mall, when the mall is closed and no cross traffic is present.

Solution: Adaptive system In|Sync deployed at 9 intersections along Jordan Creek Parkway controls green corridor with up to 56% reduction in stops.

San Diego, CA

Situation: Nearby highway, sports stadium and schools creates high pedestrian volume and fluctuations in traffic volume and demand.

Solution: In|Sync deployment at 5 intersections along the corridor provides optimal traffic control based on actual demand, eliminating unnecessary stops and delays resulting in up to 24% decrease in travel time.


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