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Our History

Rhythm Engineering was founded in 2005 by a traffic engineer who worked in the public sector.
Dr. Reggie Chandra was frustrated with the lack of tools and technology available to manage traffic flow. The company is privately held, without outside investors, and employs the largest R&D group in traffic engineering solutions. Also, we are the ONLY company that offers 24/7/365 technical support.

Our Results

Our solutions synchronize traffic signals and reduce automobile crashes by up to 30%.
On average, communities using our solutions, save drivers up to 27 tankers worth of fuel, 33 years of time waiting in traffic, and millions of pounds of harmful emissions, for a total economic benefit of up to $8 million per year.

Our Promise

We will not rest or passively stand by watching as the lack of technology negatively affects traffic flow in North America.

We will not rest until every traffic professional in North America is provided with effective tools to manage their traffic signals.

Rhythm Engineering Traffic Solutions
Operate in More Than 32 States and 154 Agencies

Our Values

  • Excellence in All We Do

  • Make a Difference to The Motorist

  • Clarity, Communication and Accountability

  • Entrepreneurial Attitude

  • Amazing Place to Work

Our Product Line

Traffic Signal System

In|Sync is the only true, real-time adaptive solution available on the market.

It is deployed at more than 3000 intersections nationwide.

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Signal Timing
Technology Using AI

Introducing the signal timing technology that integrates data collection, timing plan generation, and deployment into a single software.

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Freeways System

Hawkeye 3D-UHD radar technology collects and visualizes high-resolution data for freeways. It delivers nearly 100% vehicle detection accuracy and above 30+ freeway performance metrics.

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Travel Time

Wi-Fi based travel time data collection device to conduct health-checks for arterials and highways continuously in real-time.

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Connected Vehicle

A robust, future-proof connected vehicle and signal preemption/ priority system, based on DSRC communication.

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Vehicle Detection

Cyclops is a next-generation AI-based vehicle recognition video system featuring accurate vehicle recognition, robust data collection, and reliable communication with all types of controllers.

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Video-based AI
Pedestrian Detection

Cyclops is a next-generation AI-based video system featuring accurate pedestrian recognition, robust data collection, and reliable communication with all types of controllers.

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Become Our Partner

We look for long-term and mutually profitable relationships in order to expand our sales. Here’s what you can expect:
  • Complete marketing support
  • We pass substantial product knowledge
  • We pay accurately and on time
  • We share success stories
  • We share information on new products
  • We give you the same prices and terms for your customers as we do for our customers
  • We provide marketing qualified leads
  • We keep our promises.
What would it be like to be
Rhythm’s Manufacturer Representative?
You will join a recession-proof industry. You will be expected to strategically grow an exclusive sales territory. Our average ticket size is $220,000. Rhythm Engineering will support you in providing quality marketing leads and also notifications for upcoming RFPs. You will have access to Rhythm’s database with account information. We will work with you to sign an agreement and create a mutual action plan.

"We found that In|Sync significantly improved operations on the corridors, and we typically saw improvement in mainline travel time. We also saw improvement in travel time reliability. On the safety side, we looked at 47 intersections around the state. On average, we saw a significant reduction of 17% in total crashes".
Michael D. Fontaine, Ph.D., PE
Associate Director for Safety, Operations, and Traffic Engineering, VTRC Charlottesville, VA
"Rhythm Engineering has helped our region bridge the gap for improving signal coordination across jurisdictional boundaries when there are fluctuations in traffic conditions. They have provided great technical support for all of our regional partners ensuring the operations of our regional adaptive signal control technology system stay effective now and into the future".
April Wire, P.E., PTOE
Arterial Operations Program Manager | Maricopa County DOT
"The results of their equipment are instant.
The minute you turn it on the results are there".
Matt Schlachter, PE
Deputy County Administrator, Construction & Maintenance | Columbia County, GA
  • If you have solid relationships with government agencies
  • If you are a patient problem-solver
  • If you have an engineering background

Our Process

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Become a Manufacturer Representative

We are looking for self-motivated, self-directed, and focused sales entrepreneurs on growing our business in the US. We are committed to building long-term and mutually profitable relationships in order to achieve our mission to bring loved ones to their destination safer and faster.

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