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In|Traffic is the all-inclusive, integrated central command software designed to effectively configure, manage and view your Rhythm Engineering devices and optimize your traffic management plan. Whether used from your desk or at the cabinet, In|Traffic can be accessed using a computer, tablet or smartphone — making configuration and management simple. This command software is so integrated and powerful that no matter what combination of Rhythm Engineering solutions your intersections use, all can be assimilated and controlled from one place.

See the Benefits of In|Traffic

Lack of Integration Between Existing Tools

Wasted Time on Outdated Tools

Existing tools are outdated and don’t communicate; often, devices require excessive manpower and human intervention to keep them optimized and working correctly — something traffic professionals don’t have the time or resources to continue to fight with.

Traveling to the Cabinet Takes Time

When creating or changing a timing plan, traffic professionals spend hours creating the plan based on the data on hand. Once the plan is made, they have to physically travel to cabinets and signals in order to initiate the timing plan — then wait to see the impact. Not only does this take an excessive amount of time, but traffic conditions often change during this waiting period, resulting in a timing plan becoming obsolete before it is implemented. Then the entire process has to be repeated.



With Rhythm Engineering’s adaptive traffic solutions, there are fewer accidents due to a reduction in overall stops. Imagine what that could do for your community.


Plan, Configure and Monitor from Your Desk

Every Signal Integrated

In|Traffic is an innovative, integrated and easy-to-use central hub for all of your Rhythm Engineering traffic management solutions — clearly displayed and accessible from one interface. Simply add every Rhythm Engineering device on your network to the system and immediately be able to manage and control them. This connectivity lets every signal and corridor be reviewed and configured easily — meaning traffic professionals can manage their entire system, whether it be a city, county or state.

Update Timing Plans with Ease

Through the use of In|Traffic, traffic engineers are able to more frequently update traffic management plans or make corrections based on changes in traffic. Data is automatically collected from your controller and then fed into In|Traffic. Timing plans can then be created with a push of a button and implemented from your desk — saving time, which in turn better meets the traffic needs of communities.

Advanced, Easy-to-Use Interface

The traffic management software interface is intuitive and customizable, with different modules that let you control all aspects of your traffic tools. Easily make tweaks to your Rhythm device network by running “what-if” scenarios in In|Traffic that let you preview changes prior to deployment. In|Traffic lets engineers visualize how traffic management plan parameter changes impact traffic flow on corridors before uploading them to the controller — letting every traffic engineer feel confident about the plan being implemented.

Advanced Coordination and Review

In|Traffic allows users to group intersections together into configurations, which provides the flexibility required to change coordination and timing patterns according to time of day or week. Just as configuring an intersection is important, so is monitoring your signals. Every device in your network can be reviewed through In|Traffic with data that can be accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile device.

Free with Any Rhythm Purchase

Not only is In|Traffic a powerful command software, but it is offered free with every Rhythm Engineering purchase. Training is available to teach users how to use the software and how to migrate existing deployments into the software. As always, Rhythm Engineering offers 24/7/365 operational and technical support to ensure the ongoing success of every deployment.

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