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In|Sync reduces travel times on Rosecrans in Midway District

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A new automated traffic-signal optimization system on Point Loma’s Rosecrans Street was officially dedicated March 24 by Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Peninsula leaders.

Faulconer said the city’s “made a concentrated push in the last few years to use techology to become a smarter city trying to use that technology to provide better service to customers and to our residents. … Now we’re using technology to improve traffic.”

The mayor noted the new signals “communicate with each other, memorize traffic patterns and make timing adjustments so cars keep moving along rather than sitting at a red light for minutes on end.”

The new system “is all about taking real-time data, and turning it into real-time results,” said Faulconer.

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Rhythm EngineeringIn|Sync reduces travel times on Rosecrans in Midway District