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In|Sync Investment

Taxpayer dollars are meant to enrich the community — from faster commutes, safer roads and better air quality to less time spent in traffic and more time spent with loved ones. That’s why we work hard to offer as much value as possible with our innovative solutions and intelligent transportation systems.

If you’re looking for assistance on finding grant funding for your project, we can help. Download our “Grant Funding Playbook” and view other resources on our funding page.

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All In|Sync systems include the following (per intersection):

  • In|Sync processor
  • 4 cameras for vehicle detection
  • Equipment panel for power and Ethernet connectivity
  • Connection to controller (choose from Detector Card, C1 Y-Cable, ABC Y-Cable, SDLC Interface Module or Spade Cable)
  • Integrated software
  • Two-year hardware and software warranty
  • Two years of technical support available 24/7/365
Product Description Price
In|Sync (Standard Optical Detection) In|Sync intelligent transportation system with standard video cameras $25,000
In|Sync:Fire In|Sync intelligent transportation system with standard video cameras in a heated enclosure $30,000
In|Sync:Thermal In|Sync intelligent transportation system with thermal video cameras $40,000
In|Sync:Fusion (Add-On Module) In|Sync intelligent transportation system with standard video cameras and customer's additional detection methods $5,000
In|Sync Intercept (Pedestrian, EVP) Add-On Module Module that allows In|Sync to accept non-standard detection inputs, such as pedestrian, EVP, railroad and transit. Module includes software, and hardware will be provided dependent on existing equipment $5,000

Service & Support

Consultative Project Management

As your partner, we want to support you throughout the installation and deployment process of your new traffic technology. We will guide you from intersection assessment to final adjustments after deployment. Our project management fees cover consulting time for training, on-site installation assistance and remote configuration of your intersections. Fees are typically assessed on a per-corridor basis and are dependent on the scope of your project.

Partner Support – 24/7

From years of partnering with traffic engineers, we understand that traffic issues don’t happen only during normal business hours. Our support doesn’t either; you can count on us to be here for you all day, every day. In fact, our partners tell us our technical support is comparable to having several full-time engineers on staff. This ensures you and your community will experience the maximum benefits from our products and services.

Warranty & Support Plan

Rhythm Engineering provides a two-year warranty and technical support plan with each purchase and deployment of our traffic control products and services, at no additional cost. This plan includes a repair or replace guarantee on defective Rhythm Engineering hardware, two years of remote technical support available 24/7/365 and two years of free software updates. We also offer extended support & warranty plans which are tailored to your agency’s needs.


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