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The In|Sync Processor is designed to make traffic intersection management easy. The Processor works with any of four different detection options: In|Sync, In|Sync:Fusion, In|Sync:Thermal and In|Sync:Fire. In|Sync can even work with your existing equipment if desired. Whether you’re integrating within an existing system or creating a new one, the In|Sync adaptive traffic light control system can handle it. Review detection options and see which ones are right for your intersection.

The standard In|Sync system includes up to four detection cameras per intersection, with an option of adding additional cameras. This Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS) cameras detect and measure traffic demand based on real-time traffic conditions like volume and delay. With that, you can monitor the intersections from any web browser. The investment in In|Sync is comparable with the price of a standard video detection system.

For the highest performance, In|Sync:Fusion combines detection, queue and delay data from our In|Sync cameras with your existing or preferred vehicle detection devices, such as loops and radar. This gives you the ability to simply upgrade existing hardware and optimize your traffic light control system.

In|Sync:Thermal is an advanced and robust camera system that uses infrared sensors to detect the heat signatures of vehicles in a traffic corridor and increase vehicle detection. It works in all light and weather conditions to identify and count vehicles in order to improve traffic flow. In|Sync:Thermal mitigates any visibility issues at an intersection.


Using cameras for extended periods in environments where the temperature is below the minimum operating temperature can lead to malfunctions and device failures. In|Sync:Fire’s full-length heating elements and Multi Volt Platform (MVP) module ensure that your system will continue to function and will work to prevent ice and condensation from impeding visual performance of vehicle detection.


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