Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM)

The Hawkeye data analytics platform is a comprehensive solution that provides advanced data visualization per lane, movement, phase, and approach for a vast array of measures. The Hawkeye Automated Signal Performance Measures (ASPM) module features delay and advanced queue reporting, vehicle speeds, volume, Purdue coordination diagram, and other relevant metrics that enable traffic engineers to improve the travel experience for motorists. The application is cost-effective and permits continuous monitoring of intersections, using the highly accurate 3D-UHD radar technology. There is no need for additional detectors. The data are processed instantaneously, and traffic engineers can analyze and optimize signal operations in real-time. Statistics have been rated with enforcement credence due to their accuracy.


Arrivals on Red Diagram
Arrivals on Red
Number of vehicle arrivals at the presence zone on a red-light state.


Arrivals on Red Diagram
The number of vehicles detected over the monitored period on the overall approach.

Delay & LOS

Arrivals on Red Diagram
The report calculates the average delay for all vehicles on a given phase from the moment their speed drops below 5 mph till the moment the vehicle leaves the intersection. Viewing this chart in parallel with the Composition report will shed some additional light on the impacted groups of traffic participants.


Arrivals on Red Diagram
Average Speed
Average value of vehicles' speed measured at both Presence and Advanced zone, and separated per Phase and Lane.

Performance Overview

Arrivals on Red Diagram
Performance Overview by Phase
The average time between two vehicles front-to-front in seconds. Whenever the measuring point is overrun by a tracked object, a timer is started, the elapsed time will be added to a sum time and a counter will be increased.