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Help your community by getting funding for adaptive traffic control solutions. By deploying these systems and automating traffic signal control management, communities increase traffic safety, reduce vehicle emissions and improve quality of life.

Download a free copy of the “Grant Funding Playbook,” where you’ll learn the best practices and resources used by grant-writing professionals who win 60% of their applications.

  • Over $3 billion in grants that can be used for signal optimization
  • Evaluation criteria, contacts, dates and online resources
  • Stats, data and other material related to improving traffic, emissions and roadway safety to include in your application
  • Checklists and expert advice to maximize your odds of winning grants

The Surprising Truth About Grant Funding

Watch our webinar video with helpful tips on how to access funds for traffic and public works projects. The webinar is presented by Neil Blais, President & CEO of Blais & Associates, a professional grant management and consulting firm.


We’ve really been very happy with the way In|Sync has worked. We’re looking for ways to install it in other areas where we have the same sort of traffic situation.

Bill Harris | Spokesperson
San Diego, California

Let Us Help You Get the Funding You Need

Shrinking revenues and rising costs constantly strain state and local government budgets. For those in the public works or traffic engineering departments, this often means looking outside the regular operating budget to find additional resources for improving traffic control.

We offer grant-writing advice to help agencies get their traffic signals in sync. We can provide a custom corridor analysis and quote, or any other information you require. Let us know what we can do to help you get the funding you need to improve your community.



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