Operating InSync

Monitoring & Alerts

InSync can be configured, monitored and managed using a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. Thus, the system can be monitored from any personal computer, smart phone, tablet or similar device with an Internet connection. There is no need for software to be installed on a computer’s hardware for monitoring, no ongoing licenses to obtain and no dependency on a central system for regular operation.

User Software

Two user software applications are included as part of InSync:


The InSync web user interface (WebUI) is a browser-based software application that allows the operator to view live camera views of InSync intersections, adjust cameras, configure and adjust detection zones, see historical information and directly access each InSync Processor in the cabinet.

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CentralSync is a Windows-based application that allows the traffic engineer to create configurations for InSync intersections, input and update preferences and manage alerts.

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Monitoring InSync Intersections

Accessing the WebUI using a standard browser, the operator can monitor intersections by seeing live camera views of actual traffic conditions. The WebUI can display a single camera view, all camera views at an intersection or all camera views in an entire corridor or intersection network on a single webpage.

Within these live camera views, the WebUI overlays information describing what InSync is seeing and doing in response to real-time traffic demand. The camera view includes the light status of each traffic signal and text describing the movements InSync is serving.

The WebUI also allows the operator to access each individual InSync Processor to see statistics and diagnostics, such as what calls the processor is receiving and the status of its communications.


The WebUI provides live camera views and other traffic data for convenient monitoring from any device with a web browser.


InSync’s alert system and ability to make real-time traffic decisions negates the need to monitor traffic flow at specific intersections. CentralSync provides the interface for configuring InSync’s alerts (or alarms). If InSync detects unusual conditions in the hardware performance, traffic conditions, communications network or other critical areas, it will attempt to send emails and/or SMS text messages to one or more people. To whom the alarms are delivered is configurable by type of alarm, day-of-week and time-of-day.


CentralSync empowers agencies to create alerts and alarms. The system sends emails and/or SMS to the proper personnel when triggered by the specified events. The alerts can be configured by time-of-day, day-of-week and other conditions.

“The people at Rhythm have been first-class to work with. They were a tremendous help up front explaining the system and what was needed to get the system turned on. Once InSync was turned on they worked closely with staff on trouble-shooting. Today, even after three systems are turned on and operating, they are still there to help us with any issues as they arise. In addition, Rhythm monitored our system over the Thanksgiving holiday and offered us a 24/7 phone number for any questions.”