Operating InSync

Failure Mitigation

InSync is designed with robust failure mitigation capabilities that allow it to control traffic even when the system experiences some form of failure. In any failure scenario, InSync attempts to send email and SMS notifications to designated staff so they are immediately alerted of potential problems. Local staff can review the situation by looking at camera views and other settings through a standard web browser, rather than having to make an emergency trip to the troubled traffic signal or the traffic management center.

Detection Failures

When cameras or other detection devices are compromised or disabled by severe weather such as extreme fog, snow, rain or a lightning strike, InSync accesses its historical data collected from the previous four weeks of operation. Using this data, InSync determines the likely demand for the affected intersections at the given day and time and serves traffic optimally.

Communications Failures

If communications are interrupted or lost, InSync continues both its local and global optimization. The system will continue to minimize delay at each individual intersection and serve scheduled green tunnels without interruption. This allows InSync to continue at near-optimal performance even if communications fail between cabinets. InSync will attempt to automatically generate notifications to one or more email addresses when it detects disruption of the communications network.

Hardware Failures

If the InSync Processor or other auxiliary hardware fails, detector calls will go directly to the controller. The controller can then run its coordinated time-of-day plans or operate fully-actuated, depending upon settings in the controller. Depending upon the type of failure, local staff can attempt to review the situation by looking at camera views through the WebUI, or by accessing processors through a remote desktop connection. In a worst-case scenario, manual calls can be placed to controllers through the WebUI.

Our 24 Hour Support Line:

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“In operating InSync, all we’ve really done is monitoring and watching the traffic flow.  Since this is new to us, I watch the flows during the peak times just to see how things are operating. And it’s pretty much plug-and-play; we’ve had no major issues.”