Operating InSync

Once deployed, operating InSync is a breeze. Many operators go months without touching InSync while it carries out its work of real-time, automated signal optimization. Our world-class team of engineers and technical support staff are with you every step of the way to maximize InSync’s performance and its benefits to each community.

Likewise, the maintenance required to sustain InSync’s functionality is minimal, averaging one hour of maintenance per month per intersection. Maintenance issues are typically minor and may include adjusting camera angle, zoom and focus, as well as the occasional detection zone adjustment. Maintenance is similar to that of standard video detection systems.

See what it’s like to use InSync to manage traffic:
Monitoring & Alerts | Adjusting Adaptive Parameters | Data & Reporting | Failure Mitigation Plan

Monitoring Alerts

Agencies managing traffic with InSync can monitor intersections and make adjustments using InSync’s browser-based WebUI. Here, an engineer views all approaches along a corridor.

“The competence and responsiveness of the support staff has demonstrated the company’s willingness to continue assisting us while we improve the overall safety and efficiency of this system. We are looking forward to making more installations in the future and seeing the improvements that will follow. What a breath of fresh air!”