How InSync Works

Detector Options

InSync is available in three different detector options. Compare InSync, InSync:Tesla and InSync:Fusion to see which is the right solution for your traffic.

InSync Insync: Tesla Insync: Fusion

Vehicle Detection

Our Detection
Video detection provided
Your Detection
Such as loops, cameras, magnetometers, radar or microwave
We integrate both our video detection and your detection devices


Monitor live camera views of your intersections from any web browser; Great value – like getting video detection for free Save the installation cost and time associated with installing cameras; use your preferred detectors Nearly 100% error-free detection accuracy, best performance possible

Base investment per intersection*

$25,000 $25,000 $30,000

Universal compatibility

Yes Yes Yes

*To read more about pricing, please visit Investing in InSync

InSync Options


The standard InSync system includes up to four Samsung ® IP detection cameras per intersection, with an option of adding additional cameras. The cameras detect and measure traffic demand and allow you to monitor the intersections from any web browser. The investment in InSync is comparable with the price of a standard video detection system. Further, InSync is compatible with all traffic controllers and cabinets and achieves industry-leading traffic improvement results.


InSync Tesla Options


In addition to InSync’s compatibility with controllers and cabinets, InSync: Tesla can leverage your existing and preferred detection devices. This detector option saves you the installation cost and time associated with adding cameras. Rather than using our video detection, InSync:Tesla accepts any detection input, including most third-party cameras, loops and radar. Stop-bar detection is required on all lanes.


InSync:Fusion Icons


For the highest performance, InSync:Fusion combines detection, queue and delay data from our cameras, with the added accuracy and familiarity of existing or preferred detection devices, such as loops and radar.


Detector Options Legend


InSync Video Detection
Non-InSync Video Detection
Inductive loops
Other detection devices (including magnetometers, radar or microwave, among others)

All InSync systems include the following (per intersection):

See our InSync Pricing for optional or additional equipment to meet specific needs.

“We chose the InSync system for a combination of its cost, its ease of installation and most importantly, its optimization routine – how well it optimizes traffic in real-time. The InSync system is performing great. The travel times and the number of stops have improved dramatically.”