InSync's Performance

Greeley, CO


Greeley, CO (10th Street)


Colorado DOT and City of Greeley




25,000 to 28,000

Contact Info

Eric Bracke, P.E., P.T.O.E., Traffic Engineer, City of Greeley or 970.350.9357

Larry Haas, Traffic Operations Engineer, Colorado DOT or 970.350.2143

Length of Corridor

4 miles

Deployment Date

April 2012

InSync Type

InSync Standard


Variable traffic flow from seasonal demand, events and schools as well as heavy commuter traffic

Previous signal management

Coordinated timing plans

The Colorado Department of Transportation partnered with the City of Greeley to pilot InSync. The project aimed to implement a system that continuously adjusts to traffic conditions while reducing wasted time and fuel, maintenance efforts and vehicle emissions. The independent study from Atkins reported:

  • “Since implementation of the system, Greeley staff has reported a decrease in the number of complaints received regarding signal timing on the 10th Street corridor.”

  • “The evaluation of the system found that the improved operations will result in an estimated annual savings of $1.326 million on travel times, maintenance and fuel consumption…It is estimated that the InSync system implementation will pay for itself in 238 days.”

  • “Both CDOT and Greeley staff indicated that the new system would eventually cost much less to maintain once staff was confident in the operations of the adaptive system. It was estimated that the new [InSync] system would require about $500 per signal per year for maintenance…”


Daily Benefit Annual Benefit
Vehicle Hours of Travel
203 hours 52,837 hours
Fuel Consumption
257 gallons 66,898 gallons
10,077 stops 2,620,090 stops
Total Economic Benefit $4,957 $1,288,700

The benefits in the table above represent the evaluation of the before-and-after data collected by Atkins and analyzed with PC-Travel. All calculations are based on normal weekday travel and the results indicate approximate benefits to drivers. Results presented here are more conservative than the Atkins study in part because only weekday benefits are included.



in stops


reduction in
travel time


in delay


in emissions


increase in
average speed


reduction in
fuel usage

Measures  of Effectiveness

Data and independent study by



InSync results data collected May 2012

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InSync Type

InSync Standard

Detection Type


Cabinet Type


Controller Type


Connection Type

C1 Y Cable

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Greeley Colorado Case Study Video

Project Highlight

"The project has been an incredible success. It far exceeded any expectation that we had." -Eric Bracke, P.E., City of Greeley, CO


Download Case Study and MOEs

The InSync technology was met with skepticism and has now proved itself. This technology works!… The feedback from public officials and motorists is off the charts.”