InSync's Performance

Evans/Columbia County, GA


Evans, GA (Washington Road)


Columbia County, Georgia





Contact Info

Tonny Williams, Signal Supervisor, Columbia County or 706.868.3356

Length of Corridor

1 mile in North Sector, 3 miles in South Sector

Deployment Date

North Sector - August 2010, South Sector - November 2011

InSync Type



Intersecting arterials, heavy traffic flow, event-related fluctuations, heavy side street volume, several large businesses mid-block

Previous signal management

Coordinated timing plans

Columbia County, Georgia was the first community to deploy InSync:Fusion which integrates existing detectors such as inductive loops with InSync’s proprietary video detection for superior performance. Due to the challenges of coordinating intersecting arterials with high, variable volume, the existing coordinated timing plans on Washington Road were unable to overcome congestion.  In choosing InSync, the county gained a traffic management solution that reduces congestion, provides remote video monitoring, saves motorists time and fuel, improves safety and accomplishes each of these objectives without requiring additional staff time. Thrilled with InSync’s performance on one sector of Washington Road, they soon deployed InSync on a second sector, resulting in a continuous network of 12 InSync intersections. Ultimately, Columbia County achieved another industry first – they were the first agency to outfit every traffic signal in their jurisdiction (62 total) with InSync technology.


Daily Benefit Annual Benefit
Vehicle Hours of Travel
895 hours 232,764 hours
Fuel Consumption
671 gallons 174,403 gallons
75,362 stops 1,959,099 stops
Total Economic Benefit $23,313 $6,061,270

These benefits to the community are based on the results of InSync on 12 intersections along Washington Road. All calculations are based on normal weekday travel and the results indicate approximate benefits to drivers. Because Columbia County operates additional InSync intersections not studied here, benefits are likely greater.



in stops


reduction in
travel time


in delay


in emissions


increase in
average speed


reduction in
fuel usage

Measures  of Effectiveness
Data collected by

Columbia County Staff


The North Sector study is based on an assumption that the deployment impacts
75% of ADT (40,000 vehicles). The South Sector study captures 37% of ADT; off-peak results are not included in the South Sector benefit calculations.

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InSync Type


Detection Type

Loops and InSync Video

Cabinet Type


Controller Type


Connection Type

C1 Y Cable

New Traffic System in Columbia County Helps Ease Congestion

Because of a new light system that controls certain red lights in the congested areas of the county,driving in Columbia County is going to get a little bit easier. Starting Tuesday morning, the switch will be flipped on a new light system that will control traffic on certain parts of Washington Road and Belair Road in Evans.

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Washington Road Study Finds Less Time at Lights

A recently released government study shows Columbia County motorists are spending less time waiting out red lights along portions of Washington Road and might soon find it easier to travel nearly the entire length of the highway.

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Rhythm Engineering Breaks New Ground with InSync:Fusion

Rhythm Engineering, known for creating artificially intelligent traffic signal technology, is rolling out its newest product, InSync:Fusion. The launch builds on the success of InSync™, the top selling, most advanced and most widely deployed adaptive traffic control system in the country.

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Columbia County, GA Case Study Video

Evans, Georgia Corridor Drive

Project Highlight

26% Crash Reduction


Download Case Study and MOEs

It was amazing to see the transformation in the road in mere minutes after the system was turned on. In the past five years, I have driven this corridor several times a day. I can clearly remember only making it through the corridor, without stopping, one time in those five years. We were able to do it three times in a row within 30 minutes of activating the system.