Deploying InSync

Investing in InSync


Finding resources in today’s economy is never easy unless the investment is so compelling it becomes a ‘must have.’ InSync is one of those ‘must haves.’ It offers more value than any other adaptive solution. More importantly, it is proven to reduce crashes and save drivers’ time and money. Learn how you can invest in InSync.

“I would definitely recommend InSync to other cities. Before we had InSync, my number one question to cities using InSync was – ‘Are you going to put another InSync corridor in?’ Every one of them told me yes. It’s easy to install, you use the existing equipment that you have there and add the InSync Processor to the cabinet and it moves traffic. Bottom line is – IT WORKS.”

InSync’s 90:1 Benefit-to-Cost Ratio

We respect the community transformation every taxpayer dollar is intended to create – faster commutes, safer roads, better air quality, less time spent in traffic and more time spent with loved ones. That is why we work hard to offer as much value as possible with InSync, from its technical features to its noticeable benefits.

For every dollar a community invests in InSync, it enjoys up to $90+ in benefits such as savings in time, fuel and accident-related costs.

Furthermore, with InSync, traffic agencies get a complete detection solution, unlimited monitoring, rich data and reporting and the ability to make adjustments from any web browser or by calling our support team. InSync carries virtually no ongoing expense or maintenance work. Deploying and operating InSync is easy. As one traffic engineer said, “InSync worked well from day one.”

InSync’s Benefit-to-Cost Ratio over a Five-Year Period

InSync’s Benefit-to-Cost Ratio over a Five-Year Period
Deploying Agency Cost to
Deploy InSync
Annual Time and Fuel Savings Annual Crash- related Savings1 Total Savings over Five Years Benefit-to- Cost Ratio
City of Springdale, AR $221,600 $5,083,254 2 $526,889 $28,050,715 126-to-1
Columbia County, GA $166,032 $2,624,802 3 $1,164,702 $18,947,520 114-to-1
Missouri DOT $200,000 $2,452,493 4 $1,247,895 $18,501,940 92-to-1
City of Topeka, KS $176,400 $2,087,501 $942,854 $15,151,775 86-to-1
City of Salinas, CA $190,000 $1,722,152 5 N/A 6 $8,610,760 46-to-1

1 Annualized quantity of crashes multiplied by $27,731 average cost per accident based on U.S. Census Bureau and AAA data for 2009.  / 2 City of Springdale staff / 3 Columbia County staff / 4 MRIGlobal/ 5 TJKM Transportation Consultants / 6 Crash reduction on these five InSync intersections has not yet been measured.

Accessing Funds to Deploy InSync

Shrinking revenues and rising costs increasingly strain state and local government budgets. For those in the public works or traffic engineering department, this often means looking outside the regular operating budget to find the resources for improving traffic.

We offer grant funding advice and financing assistance to help traffic agencies get their traffic signals in sync, and we stand ready to provide a custom corridor analysis and quote. Let us know how we can help you navigate the process of investing in InSync.

InSync Pricing

Pricing List

Hardware and Software

InSync or InSync:Tesla, per intersection
InSync uses Rhythm Engineering’s video detection (up to four cameras included). InSync:Tesla uses your detection and includes one 360º Monitoring Camera. Every InSync system includes an InSync Processor, an Equipment Panel, the appropriate connection to the cabinet, CentralSync, the InSync WebUI, a two-year hardware and software warranty and 24/7/365 remote technical support.

InSync:Fusion, per intersection
InSync:Fusion integrates your existing detectors with our video detection (up to four cameras included) for superior detection accuracy.

Intercept Module, per intersection
The intercept module, recommended for all intersections with pedestrian buttons, optimizes pedestrian traffic or other special inputs along with vehicular traffic.

7″ LCD monitor, integrated USB mouse/keyboard for traffic cabinet
Enables you to monitor and interact with InSync when you are in the field.

Spare system (hardware only)
Rhythm Engineering strongly recommends purchasing local hardware spares at a 10% level (1 spare for 1-10 systems, 2 spares for 11-20 systems, etc.).

Extra Equipment

Additional InSync Processor
Needed for intersections with more than 5 cameras

Additional video camera with enclosure
Needed for intersections that require more than 4 cameras

Project Management

The project management fee covers consulting time for training, on-site installation assistance, remote configuration and ongoing support of your InSync deployment. Fees are assessed on a per-corridor basis.

Taxes and Shipping

Taxes (Variable)
All applicable state and local taxes are the client’s responsibility. If tax-exempt, certificate must be on file.

Shipping, per intersection
Standard ground service.

Support Plans

Included: Two Year Warranty & Technical Support Plan
Rhythm Engineering provides a two year warranty and technical support plan with each InSync deployment at no additional cost. This plan includes a repair or replace guarantee on defective Rhythm Engineering hardware, two years of technical support available 24/7, 365 days of the year and two years of free software updates.

Optional: Extended Support Plans
We offer extended support plans tailored to your agency’s needs.

Extended Support Options

Comparison of InSync Support Plans

InSync comes with a two-year warranty and support plan. There are two affordable options for extending your coverage.

services and equipment offered standard two-year warranty software and support plan $250/int/year comprehensive coverage plan $750/int/year
InSync hardware and software guaranteed to operate as designed and purchased
Updates provided to maintain
original functionality as designed
Upgrades to provide new functionality,
as and when developed
Two hours per intersection of remote
technical and engineering support
Unlimited remote technical and engineering support
Hardware replacement

Support is available at an hourly rate for intersections not covered by a plan or if a plan’s support hours are exhausted.

For more information on support plans and replacement equipment, contact Rhythm Engineering at or 913.227.0603.

Grant Funding

Win Grant Funding for Adaptive Traffic Signal Control

Enhance your community by winning funds for adaptive traffic control solutions. By deploying these systems, communities increase traffic safety, reduce vehicle emissions, improve quality of life and automate traffic signal management.

Request your copy of the free Grant Funding Playbook by filling out the form on the left.

In the 40-page guide, you’ll learn the best practices and resources used by grant writing professionals who win 60% of their applications.

• Over $3 billion in grants that can be used for signal optimization
•  Evaluation criteria, contacts, dates and online resources for these and other grants
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