Deploying InSync

We’ve made InSync exceptionally easy to deploy, operate and maintain. Our world-class team of engineers and technical support staff work with you during deployment to maximize InSync’s performance and benefits.

This timeline shows the 90-day InSync deployment process. Please note this is provided only as a guide; there are numerous external factors that can affect the specific dates of a particular deployment.

Capture Goals

Host project goal meeting to capture your agency’s objectives.

Order InSync

Order InSync with a purchase order or contract.

Begin Project

Host project kick-off meeting to establish deployment timeline and clarify responsibilities.

Order Parts

Procure and test hardware components.

Prepare Corridor

Begin integration readiness checklist: provide corridor data and IP addresses, install communications and power/Ethernet cabling.

Establish Communications

Verify corridor communications are operational, VPN access provided and readiness checklist completed.

Verify Communications

Verify corridor communications and remote VPN access 2-3 weeks prior to on-site training.

Configure Corridor

Engineers create your corridor's unique adaptive configuration.

Ship Equipment

Ship InSync equipment to you 2-3 weeks before on-site training.

Installation Training

Technician on-site for three days of classroom and field training on installation, operation and maintenance.
InSync fully installed on three intersections.

Complete Installation

Complete InSync installation. InSync is in detector mode for remote verification.

Prepare Controllers

Put traffic controllers in free mode to allow InSync to place calls.

Adaptive Turn-On

Engineer on-site to perform adaptive turn-on, drive corridor with your agency and make adjustments as needed.

Monitor Corridor

Monitor corridors for 2-3 weeks and collaborate with your agency on final adjustments.

Project Complete

Host project
close meeting to confirm objectives were achieved.

Ongoing Support

Rhythm periodically reviews the corridor to monitor conditions and adjust as needed as well as responds to any inquiries and requests from the deployment partner.


“The people at Rhythm have been first-class to work with. They were a tremendous help up front explaining the system and what was needed to get the system turned on. Once InSync was turned on they worked closely with staff on trouble-shooting. Today, even after three systems are turned on and operating, they are still there to help us with any issues as they arise. In addition, Rhythm monitored our system over the Thanksgiving holiday and offered us a 24/7 phone number for any questions.”