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Traffic Signals: The Troubling Truth

As a typical motorist who hates sitting at long red lights, it is reassuring to know that there is so much that occurs behind the scenes to control traffic congestion.  As we learned in the first blog (7 Traffic Myths Debunked), there are a number of reasons we get into a jam! Here’s a ‘crash […]

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7 Traffic Signal Myths Debunked

Have you ever wondered how we process traffic signal information? It all starts with our early driving experiences and actually, over time, we learn to automatically block out traffic signals during our daily commute. That is, we block out the signals until we get caught at lengthy, numerous red lights over a relatively short distance. […]

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New Video: Columbia County, GA’s InSync Experience

With budgets in crisis, improving traffic flow can be more difficult than ever. In this video, hear directly from Matt Schlachter, P.E. and Glen Bollinger, Traffic Engineer on how they’ve saved thousands of dollars by employing InSync adaptive traffic signal control. According to Matt: “We could spend money on our entire county upgrading to a Rhythm system […]

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New Video: Colorado DOT Deploys InSync

The Colorado Department of Transportation and City of Greeley, CO recently installed InSync adaptive traffic signal control along 10th Street corridor in Greeley. Check out this video to get their feedback on the experience. You’ll see the traffic management challenges the agencies were facing, why they chose InSync as the solution and how InSync is […]

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